Medical Claims Advocates

Working with an MCA Personal Advocate

Call MCA to determine which service program is right for you. Most people start out with the Advocacy Program to bring stacked-up piles of insurance claims under control. Once you’ve experienced the rewards of working with an MCA Personal Advocate, the Stewardship Program is a great way to maximize your health insurance benefits without ever opening another piece of insurance mail again!

If you are like most MCA customers, you’ll discover that the service easily pays for itself by eliminating overpayment, maximizing benefits and collecting refunds. Now consider the value of the time you save, and multiply that by the peace of mind you’ll gain by having a professional insurance claim advocate handling all of your medical claims.

You'll discover that the service pays for itself.

Your MCA Personal Advocate will proof the accuracy of your medical claims billing and processing, and will pursue every penny that is rightfully yours under the terms of your insurance contract.

Keep in mind that MCA cannot guarantee reimbursements, nor can it be held liable for insurance company’s errors or misrepresentation.  If there is a discrepancy between Medical Claims Advocates interpretation and the Insurance Company’s contract, the contract will prevail. Plan coverage is subject to each individual carrier’s contract.